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I can read your mind. These are the droids you're looking for.

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1. Results for February

...Score THE STUFF OF DREAMS PJ Town 4.3214 TWIN LIGHTS IN THE DARK Vicki Chvatal 4.2619 Cat Eye Carrie Zylka 4.1904 Cat People berlinermax 4.0793 Tinder Daughter Lara Crave 3.8125 One Eyed Cat Ilana Leeds...

2. March 2022 Results

...389 DARKNESS OVER LIGHT Jack McDaniel 4.190 EVERYTHING IS FINE Lara Crave 4.142 THE LOST WOODS Carrie Zylka 4.100 NOW YOU SEE IT PJ Town 4.047 BLOOMING IRONY Amy Lynn Raines 3.714 THE SECOND COMING Ilana...

3. Cat Eye

“Am I alive?” She whispered as she opened her eyes. The pain had turned from sharp torment to a cold, constant agony. “Would you like to be?” She tried to relax her body, but the...

Result pages: 1