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May 2022

May 2022: volume 2 : issue 4

Issue Winner

A Tale of Two Summers

The box won't fit flush against the wall; something's stopping it. Gerard reaches over the box and runs his hand along the line of wall and floor. He feels a small, hard object and pulls it out: a film canister. He sits on the floor, staring at the yellow . . . A Tale of Two Summers


Never Say Never

When a woman tries to do her best to save a most unusual 'arranged' marriage. How she builds up the family with the help of her man, and together how they tackle the impending disasters in the world . . . Never Say Never

March 2022

March 2022: volume 2 : issue 2


Darkness Over Light

I could force myself to become more visible when necessary. I had that power and was practiced at it. It took concentration to focus my efforts and become something substantial—something they had to take notice of and reckon with . . . Darkness Over Light


Everything Is Fine

By the time I turn around the man in the cheap light-green windcheater’s already vanished. I can still feel, through my jacket and sweater, the thud of his brushing against my arm, as he ran right past me. . . . Everything Is Fine

Issue Winner

The One That Got Away

His last sight of Lana had been her walking away down the hotel hallway, pulling her small wheeled suitcase along. Though only her silhouette was outlined against the light from the hallway’s end . . . The One That Got Away


Leaving Your Husband

It wasn’t as if she’d never known happiness with him. Those first few months – even the first couple of years . . . Leaving Your Husband

February 2022

February 2022: volume 2 : issue 1

Issue Winner

The Stuff Of Dreams

He didn’t normally remember dreams, but this one was different. In it, a man was shouting into Juan’s face the words “Cat’s eyes!” at the top of his lungs, repeating it over and over. The bearded man . . . The Stuff Of Dreams


Twin Lights In The Dark

Where am I? It’s dark - not completely, but there isn’t enough light to actually see anything. … Only … twin spots of light dotting the darkness here and there. “Meow.” Oh no, no, no! Damned cats all . . . Twin Lights In The Dark


Cat Eye

“Am I alive?” She whispered as she opened her eyes. The pain had turned from sharp torment to a cold, constant agony. . . . Cat Eye

November 2021


The Fabulistas

Peet wanted to take the blame for his lack of motivation and industry in life, but there was always an excuse waiting in line in front of him. He liked the Fabulistas and coveted their leisurely lifes . . . The Fabulistas

Issue Winner

Hyper-Personalization Gone Bad

[2030 annual report mod: log 1, 01/03/2030, vitals just stabilized, 11:44am] [alarm, music] “Oooh, You can dance, You can jive, Having the time of your life…” [JEFF.AI (v8.2)] My Lord, rise and . . . Hyper-Personalization Gone Bad




Jack McDaniel

Wow! What a good movie. Ford v Ferrari was strong all the way through. The pacing was great and the acting fantastic throughout the entire movie. Matt Damon and Christian Bale were excellent. Even the race scenes felt realistic. It should be noted, if you aren't a big race car fan you'll still enjoy this movie. Caitrona Balfe, as Mollie, Ken Miles' wife, was wonderful. I wasn't familiar with her before this movie, bu . . . FORD V FERRARI

Knives Out

Knives Out

Jack McDaniel

Let’s get this out of the way right at the start: go see this movie. Knives Out is fun and worth the time. It’s an old-fashioned mystery. Think Ellery Queen, Columbo and Clue, even Murder On The Orient Express. It’s filled with completely unlikeable and eccentric characters—none of whom would cause you to be upset if they were guilty. Except, of course, the one person who seems guilty is the outsider, and wholly lika . . . Knives Out


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