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1. Flash Fiction Contest & Reviews

...disasters in the world . . . March 2022 March 2022: volume 2 : issue 2   Darkness Over Light Jack McDaniel I could force myself to become more visible when necessary. I had that power and was practiced...

2. The Fabulistas

“Been fifteen years,” said Strider, who propped up the doorway to the old house, thumbs through a couple of the belt loops on his jeans, “but I don’t see no profit in it.” “No,” agreed Tanaka, “no profit...

3. March 2022 Results

...COMING! Story Writer Score COUSINS FROM OVER THE BORDER Vicki Chvatal 4.389 DARKNESS OVER LIGHT Jack McDaniel 4.190 EVERYTHING IS FINE Lara Crave 4.142 THE LOST WOODS Carrie Zylka 4.100 NOW YOU SEE IT...


Wow! What a good movie. Ford v Ferrari was strong all the way through. The pacing was great and the acting fantastic throughout the entire movie. Matt Damon and Christian Bale were excellent. Even the...

5. Knives Out

Let’s get this out of the way right at the start: go see this movie. Knives Out is fun and worth the time. It’s an old-fashioned mystery. Think Ellery Queen, Columbo and Clue, even Murder...

6. The Fabulistas - Audio

Peet wanted to take the blame for his lack of motivation and industry in life, but there was always an excuse waiting in line in front of him. He liked the Fabulistas and coveted their leisurely lifestyle...

Result pages: 1